Assignment. PowerPoint: Francisco de Goya

Individual PowerPoint about the figure and the work of the painter Francisco de Goya

You have to look for information about the life of the painter and summarize it just in one or two slides. You can chose some self-portraits to illustrate these slides.

Connect the figure of Goya in its historical context (Carlos IV, the Independence War, the Enlightenment, Fernando VII) and try to explain it with your own words.

With the information that you have in the blog, seek three examples of his artworks in each period of his artistic trajectory and explain them. Place them in their context and explain the characteristics and techniques.

Write a conclusion for your PowerPoint with your own impressions about this painter.

The work will be evaluated from 0 to 10 and your grade will help you to up/down the average of the exams, so be especially careful with the information you use, do not cut and paste, select the paintings well and take care of the general presentation of the work, as well as the grammar and spelling mistakes.